Nice to meet you

I'm Cat and I'm a photographer, my journey to get here has been a strange one at times, some office jobs, some not so office jobs and a spell as a budding female James Bond, but here I am and there's nowhere I'd rather be.

Photography lets me get out and about and meet lots of new folks. I get to capture people's memories and be part of making some new ones whilst I'm at it.  My camera is my chosen weapon and I love to create new things with it. There's always somewhere new to go, someone new to meet  or a new image to create, that's why I do what I do!

When I'm not behind the lens I'm a wife to my fantastic husband Paul and now mum to Rowan, who keeps me on my toes! I'm also a self confessed bike nut, if it's got two wheels I will have a go at riding it.

I believe that with friends and family around you life's never that bad, so please get in touch if you agree and you would like to capture your family as it is right now or as it doubles in size at your wedding!

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