Beverley Family Photography

I had the chance to get back in the studio recently to get some shots of the Crawforth family for their daughter, Pippa's 2nd Birthday.  This also gave me chance to get my hands on the new bubble machine and have a play!

Everyone's invited to tea!

Pippa decided it was time for Mum and Dad to go to sleep!


Thanks very much to Gemma, Rich and Pippa for a fun hour in the studio doing some Beverley family photography. We plan to get a few outdoor shots on a nice day soon with little Pippa so you will be able to really see the difference between studio and location Beverley family photography.

Some old family black and whites get a polish up

I got time to tidy a few old black and whites for my dad today.  I wanted to share them just because I really like the tones and colours.  It's nice to see some old photos that can be improved with some modern technology and not new ones that have had filters applied to make them look old!


My Granda Tom, who would have approved as he loved to see technology in action!


My Granny Margaret looking beautiful in the window. I can certainly see myself using these pictures as some inspiration for an engagement shoot! Maybe I'm just being a bit sentimental, but it's nice to think peoples families might look back on photos I've taken with the same good memories that these will bring my family.


Just to embarrass him there's my dad in short trousers in between my two aunts!  Well it was nice to clean up these pictures for my family and to see some proper old black and whites get a new lease of life. Looking forward to seeing them up on the wall when I'm round at the olds in the future!

Messing about in the studio

I needed some new pictures for my website but at the same time it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make some silly faces, so I did!


A big thank you to my husband Paul for pressing the shutter, I will make a photographer of you yet ;-)

Yorkshire wedding photographer - Win your wedding photography in 2014 or just claim a great discount!

Hi all, I'd thought I would share my competition for one lucky couple to win their wedding photography in 2014 right here on my own blog.  It also gives me a great chance to share some of my favourite images from 2013 all over again so it's a win win for me, and maybe a win for you too! If your getting married in the North in 2014 simply visit my Facebook page and post a picture of you and your intended and I will pick my favourite on the 22 Feb 2014.  So go on get posting….

One of the best parts of the competition is that all entrants will get 10% off my full wedding package whenever or wherever their wedding is 2014 or beyond.


One of my favourite images from 2013.  I love the colours of Autumn it's a great time to get married and a blessing for any photographer.  Natasha and Karl are a real love story as well.  They are both in the military, Tash in the UK and Karl in the US. They met serving on operations in Afghanistan.  That's a proper love story!


I love to see smiles and laughter in my pictures, I don't know what Karl was saying to Tash here but it brought a smile to her face :-)


Kerri and Andrews wedding meant a trip up to Glasgow but we were treated to some lovely Scottish summertime weather so it was all worth it.


It's all about the smiles and the fun with me so if your going to post a picture then make it fun and that will help you to win!


If you want to read a little bit more about me then take a look at this post on the Brides up North wedding Blog. It's a little bit about me and why I got into the photography game.


Beverley studio photography

I recently spent the afternoon venturing in to the world of Beverley studio photography.  Up until now I have always used outdoor locations and made use of the natural light that was on offer to me.  Although I still love and will continue to do this as my real passion I thought throughout the winter months it would be nice to offer a nice warm dry studio as well!

So with some very willing volunteers I fired up the lights, fiddled with some dials and flicked some switches.  First up were Helen, Andy and their fantastic twins Elsie and Beth.  It didn't take long for the girls to warm up and get their 'model' on!


Although they are twins you can see two very different personalities from under the hoods of their onesies!


In fact as far as Elsie and Beth were concerned, onesies were the order of the day. I'm a particular fan of the minnie mouse combo myself!


My next volunteers were little Isla, Kirsty and her mum.  It took Isla a while to find her bearings and get used to the bright lights of the studio but with some time and patience she settled in and we got some lovely shots of her with big grins all round.


Last but certainly not least were Claire, Steve, Harrison and Fraser.  Fraser arrived fresh from a power nap an essential element to any models daily routine. So while he freshened up and prepped we got started with big brother Harrison.


Now that's one cool dude.


Fraser got in on the act and was keen to demonstrate his press up technique, exercise being another key part of any up and coming models regime.


Come on lads better let Mum and Dad in on the act.


It was certainly a fun afternoon, if you think a session of Beverley studio photography might be for you then get in touch and we can come up with something that suits you and your family.  In the meantime keep an eye out for some bespoke studio packages and offers to make their way onto my website in the near future.

Thanks guys, Cat x

Yorkshire family photographer - An afternoon at Cat Babbleton

I wanted to share this shoot with the fantastic Buckton family to show how much you can get out of a few hours family shoot and how much fun you can have whilst your doing it.  Getting the family together for an afternoon of photography doesn't have to be a chore!

I usually ask people to have a think about why they want from their photos a little bit in advance of the day just to make sure I can plan to fit everything in and make sure I get the right location.  In this case Caroline and David's farm made the perfect location.

We started with some formal family group shots, the guys wanted to get dressed up to have some photos to remember their parents Golden wedding anniversary.  The view over the wolds certainly gave us a great backdrop, a great day to be a Yorkshire family photographer.

It was then time for costume change number one and everyone dressed down and comfy into their casual looks! I'd spied a nice tree which was looking fantastic in it's Autumn colours so we started there and got some lovely natural images of the whole family. 

Although I have to say I'm a real fan of this one of Tom and Rebecca, they were my little assistants all afternoon! Especially Tom who was on call to make people laugh anytime!


We were lucky enough to have several great spots out a Cat Babbleton (what an ace name for a farm!) so we moved around a bit to mix up the selection of images that the family would have to pick from. We decided to go on the wall instead of off!


Then it was time for costume change number two! This time Pete, Katie, Rebecca and Tom were keen for some pictures in their sports gear.  With a bit of open space and some amazing autumn light we got down to a bit of action photography.

Another quick costume change for Rebecca into a favourite dress to take advantage of the stunning autumn afternoon! Love this shot x


We had retired inside for tea, cake and a pat on the back for a job well done when the sun started to set and was shining through the trees.  The romantic in me thought it might be nice to have a golden photograph for a golden wedding anniversary.  50 years of marriage is a fantastic achievement and If I can be anything like as happy as Mr and Mrs Buckton Snr still look together in 50 years I will be over the moon.  Well done folks x 


It's difficult to moan about my job as a Yorkshire family photographer.

Hessle Foreshore Engagement Shoot

It's nearly time for Sarah and Antony's wedding so I thought it was a great time to share a few of their engagement photos.  Although it can be a bit windy Hessle Foreshore makes for a stunning backdrop to photos. The Humber Bridge is one of those structures than can make you feel really small, especially when your stood underneath it!

I'm looking forward to their wedding at Brantingham Church in early December, I might even have my fingers crossed for some snow ;-)


Amy and Jonathan

A few months Amy got in touch and asked if I could do a few photos with her and husband Jonathan for their 10th wedding anniversary.  So we went back to East Park in Hull where they had their original wedding photos taken.  She asked for something a bit different and creative which was great and they were both really good fun to work with.  Happy anniversary guys x

Natasha and Karl - a very special relationship.

Natasha is an old Army buddy of mine which does make me sound a bit like a crusty old veteran but hey!  She met her husband Karl, a US Army officer, on operations in Afghanistan and a fairytale romance across the pond blossomed from then on.  Although it was a small wedding I have to say they both looked amazing and the Autumn treated us to the best colours we could have asked for. 

I spent a good few hours with the Biernis ladies and co in the morning and we had a right good giggle.  I learnt all about 'spanks' and very much enjoyed the mini doughnuts, thanks girls!

Heres a few of the details from the day.  A lot of which Tash put an fair amount of effort into herself., well done that lady.

The lovely autumn colours and the even lovelier people speak for themselves here I think. 

Yorkshire Family Photographer - Lincoln and Louie

Here is one of my favourite family mornings from a few months ago.  These two little chaps were an absolute pleasure to photograph.  It made me chuckle that Lincoln had commented that even though it was during the holidays he had got up even earlier than school to come down to meet me!  Well thanks Lincoln, I think most people would agree it was worth it for a clear play park and some lovely morning light.