Natasha and Karl - a very special relationship.

Natasha is an old Army buddy of mine which does make me sound a bit like a crusty old veteran but hey!  She met her husband Karl, a US Army officer, on operations in Afghanistan and a fairytale romance across the pond blossomed from then on.  Although it was a small wedding I have to say they both looked amazing and the Autumn treated us to the best colours we could have asked for. 

I spent a good few hours with the Biernis ladies and co in the morning and we had a right good giggle.  I learnt all about 'spanks' and very much enjoyed the mini doughnuts, thanks girls!

Heres a few of the details from the day.  A lot of which Tash put an fair amount of effort into herself., well done that lady.

The lovely autumn colours and the even lovelier people speak for themselves here I think.