Hull wedding photography - Sarah and Antony

Sarah and Antony got married on Friday the 13th of December! A brave move you might think but when you add in the fact that they met on the 13th December 2003 so they would be married 10 years to the day they met it makes perfect sense.  What a fantastic thing to do.  Sarah had chosen a scrabble theme for the day because their names fitted so well together on the scrabble board, teamed with the black, white and silver colour scheme we were set for a great day, the getting ready took place at Sarah and Antony's house in Anlaby. Overall I was pretty excited to be getting down to Hull wedding photography

Sarah was to be given away by her close friend Harry who turned up half way through the morning in his best superman's PJ's and decided to try out for the mother of the bride role in Tracy's hat!

Sarah had a personalised set of converse made along her scrabble theme for her wedding shoes, I absolutely loved these and they fitted in really well with the colour scheme and general fun mood of the whole day.

The ceremony was held at the beautiful All Saints Church in Brantingham, a church specifically requested by the groom Antony.  Sarah and the bridal party travelled in an old VW camper, brilliant! Converse and Vdubs in one wedding - mega! Before Sarah and Harry arrived I got a chance to spend a bit of time with Antony and his best man James.  It's always great to see the guests arrive and everyones excited faces before hand.

Sarah is one of the smiliest people I've ever met and arriving for her wedding she made no exception with huge grins all round.

You could also see some real emotion from Antony who was taking the whole thing a bit more seriously than James, doing his job of best man by keeping the jokes rolling!

The ceremony was conducted by All Saints Vicar Justine with the supporting cast of the church choir who added a great atmosphere.

I usually like to do a little slide show from the days events at the evening do for people to remember the day and new guests to see what's been going on, Sarah commented that her and Antony actually looked good together, well I'm amazed there was ever a doubt in her mind as they certainly do!

The reception was held at Crofters Restaurant in Anlaby, yum yum. Some very entertaining speeches followed that had Harry and Sarah hiding underneath napkins!


The day finished at the Premier lounge in Hull with plenty more fun, laughter and even more dancing.

Big congratulations to Sarah and Antony, what a great day and all the very best for your future together x Another great day as a Hull wedding photographer x