Beverley studio photography

I recently spent the afternoon venturing in to the world of Beverley studio photography.  Up until now I have always used outdoor locations and made use of the natural light that was on offer to me.  Although I still love and will continue to do this as my real passion I thought throughout the winter months it would be nice to offer a nice warm dry studio as well!

So with some very willing volunteers I fired up the lights, fiddled with some dials and flicked some switches.  First up were Helen, Andy and their fantastic twins Elsie and Beth.  It didn't take long for the girls to warm up and get their 'model' on!


Although they are twins you can see two very different personalities from under the hoods of their onesies!


In fact as far as Elsie and Beth were concerned, onesies were the order of the day. I'm a particular fan of the minnie mouse combo myself!


My next volunteers were little Isla, Kirsty and her mum.  It took Isla a while to find her bearings and get used to the bright lights of the studio but with some time and patience she settled in and we got some lovely shots of her with big grins all round.


Last but certainly not least were Claire, Steve, Harrison and Fraser.  Fraser arrived fresh from a power nap an essential element to any models daily routine. So while he freshened up and prepped we got started with big brother Harrison.


Now that's one cool dude.


Fraser got in on the act and was keen to demonstrate his press up technique, exercise being another key part of any up and coming models regime.


Come on lads better let Mum and Dad in on the act.


It was certainly a fun afternoon, if you think a session of Beverley studio photography might be for you then get in touch and we can come up with something that suits you and your family.  In the meantime keep an eye out for some bespoke studio packages and offers to make their way onto my website in the near future.

Thanks guys, Cat x