Some old family black and whites get a polish up

I got time to tidy a few old black and whites for my dad today.  I wanted to share them just because I really like the tones and colours.  It's nice to see some old photos that can be improved with some modern technology and not new ones that have had filters applied to make them look old!


My Granda Tom, who would have approved as he loved to see technology in action!


My Granny Margaret looking beautiful in the window. I can certainly see myself using these pictures as some inspiration for an engagement shoot! Maybe I'm just being a bit sentimental, but it's nice to think peoples families might look back on photos I've taken with the same good memories that these will bring my family.


Just to embarrass him there's my dad in short trousers in between my two aunts!  Well it was nice to clean up these pictures for my family and to see some proper old black and whites get a new lease of life. Looking forward to seeing them up on the wall when I'm round at the olds in the future!