Claire and Phil

I was really looking forward to Claire and Phil's wedding at Dalby forest.  It's a place I spend a lot of my free time in and I was excited to shoot my first wedding there.

The photography coverage actually started at their intimate registry office service in Whitby before they headed back down to Dalby for the main event.  Claire had decided not to have me along for her 'getting ready' part of the morning.  It's a decision I really respect actually, the choice to keep that special part of the day private to just close friends and family!

Despite the weather threatening a bit it actually turned out nice for the service and a few portraits down on the seafront afterwards.

Then we left the beautiful seafront of Whitby behind and headed down to Dalby forest.  Claire and Phil went off to get there glad rags on and I headed off to meet some guests.  I knew they had a glamping set up and I was really impressed with the whole layout from Woodland Weddings. It was great fun capturing the guest getting their tents set up and starting the drinking!

The details were simple but beautiful, just the way they should be!

Thankfully the wind dropped and the sun shone as Claire and Phil arrived for their hand fasting ceremony.  Just like it was meant to be!

Part of the ceremony was receiving the elements of earth, wind, fire and water (or beer) from their close friends.

Then you jump a sword and it's time to party!

You don't have to go far as a Dalby forest wedding photographer to find an amazing spot for a portrait.

The competition for the best cork popping quite literally went up with a bang!

Fun and heartfelt speeches and thank you's followed.


Then the party really started!

The dance floor was never empty and kept rocking late into the night.

A huge thanks to Claire and Phil for inviting me along and congratulations and wishing many happy of years of marriage to the new Mr and Mrs Smith, thank you for letting me be your Dalby Forest wedding photographer.