Where are you located?

I live in beautiful Peebles in the Scottish Borders.  I do travel all over the country to shoot weddings though so please get in touch wherever you are.

Do you charge for travel?

Not within the Scottish borders or a sensible distance from Peebles no.  Also if I have a friend or family that lives near your wedding I might have someone to stay with so no extra cost for you.  If I need to get some overnight accommodation I might ask for a contribution towards that.  It's something we can chat about if you would like to book me.

How many pictures will I get?

I've never presented less than 300 for a wedding and it can go close to or over 500.  It just depends on your day, how many different parts there are or how long you want me to stay around.

How long will the pictures take?

For the large majority of the day it's just me moving about on my own so you needn't worry, other than that I wouldn't expect your group shots to take longer than an hour, and I normally get through them much quicker than that.  Your portraits will vary but about half an hour is average. It's partly down to your venue and how much ground we cover to get the best locations.  Sometimes I might grab you for a quick 10 minutes if we get some amazing light throughout the day or I spot a creative night time shot!  I really get that your day is about you and spending it with family and friends, not about my photographs so I will always get things done as quickly as my high standards allow.

What is your style?

If your still reading I'm guessing you like my style of images!  I hope they reflect my relaxed approach and desire to capture natural emotions.  I don't go in for overly posed pictures, however you are hiring a professional and so you can expect creative and imaginative images along with the candid ones.  There will be some posing, however I pride myself on being able to make this as painless as possible, resulting in the relaxed and happy faces you see in my portfolio of work.

Do you do smaller or midweek weddings?

Yes I certainly do, in fact I really enjoy them.  I always find a smaller wedding shows whats its all about, two people sharing their love with those closest to them, that and a good excuse for a party! Get in touch for pricing.

Do you have all the right equipment?

Yes I do, I'm a full time professional photographer. Take a look at my blog post all about it if you like.

Why should we book you?

I'm relaxed, fun and fairly priced.  I'm talented with my camera and you won't be disappointed with your images. I understand that your days about you and I'm pretty unobtrusive. I'm also excellent at assisting with button holes and getting people to the right place at the right time!