Where will the shoot take place?

I do my family shoots in outdoors locations for the most part.  This can range from your back garden to public parks or in fact pretty much anywhere.  It depends on what sort of feel you would like from your photos and how many people are going to be in them!  You can suggest somewhere or you can leave it to me.

How many people can you photograph?

I guess the answer to that is pretty open ended.  With the right space its possible to do some pretty large extended families.  Anywhere from 2 upwards.

How much time should we book?

For most families around 4-6 people 1 hour should be just fine.  If you are getting a big gang together then it might be worth looking at two, but get in touch and I can point you in the right direction.

How much will the photos cost if we don't buy them up front?

Anywhere from £10 for a print or £25 for a digital image. The possibilities for framing and albums are pretty wide ranging.  Get in touch if you think your going down this road.

What happens if the weathers bad?

At the end of the day this is Britain, sometimes it rains!  If that happens it's usually best to reschedule.

Do we pay upfront?

Yes, your payment will secure your booking.