Doing what I can

My dad always told me that if I looked after the pennies then the pounds would look after themselves.  He was talking about money of course but I think its one of those sayings that you can apply to many things,  including the environment.  If every person did just a few small things it would make a huge difference overall so these are the things that I do with my photography to help out.

My Albums - These come from a company called Folio who have produced an amazing product whilst also keeping it green. Heres just a few of the things about the albums, theres more! They are also made in Yorkshire which is even better news!

  • Cover board – FSC certified 100% recycled material.
  • Paper – Art White from sustainable sources.
  • Paper – Art Cotton PEFC certified from sustainable sources.
  • Binding substrate – 100% from sustainable sources.
  • Leather – sourced from suppliers committed to sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals.
  • End sheets – 100% from sustainable sources.
  • End boards – 90% recycled, 10% from sustainable sources.

My USBs - The USB that you will get with your images on is made of sustainable bamboo and is sourced from a company that is certified as carbon neutral. (Not only that it looks great too)

My business cards and stationary - My business cards are printed on recycled card and wherever I can any other stationary I use is as well.  If it's not recycled then its likely to be from a sustainable source.

My bike - I love bikes! Did you know they are the most energy efficient form of transport?  If I can make a journey by bike instead of in the car then I will.  So if your shoot is close enough to home for me then I might well turn up on two wheels (or two feet).  Unfortunately bikes don't travel at 60mph or keep your camera kit dry but if I can then I will!